Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Roberts Cottages" Landscape Project in Progress

Roberts Cottages is a unique property in Oceanside California. There are 24 units and all individually owned. This property sets on 1.2 acres. This adorable property is getting ready for new landscaping. Optimistically the landscape project would be completed by summer of 2011. The new landscaping will include beautiful flowers and lighting throughout the property. It has taken awhile to agree on the design even though a section of the landscape project was completed early 2010 before the summer renters arrived. No matter what the Board and HOA members decides on for the design of the landscape project this piece of property is a jewel already. Let us see what happens as the months go by if this all concludes with everyone’s expectations. This well be a huge upgrade considering nothing has been done since the beginning of time, 1928.